Our Mission Statement

'To inspire kindness and inclusion, celebrate diversity, and

challenge racism and bullying through works of creative expression.'

Our Motto

'Inspiring Positive Change Through Creative Expression'









Our Goal

is to encourage people of all ages to create art, music, drama, sculpture, photography, handicrafts, poetry, stories, video, film… Anything Creative that Challenges Racism,

Bullying & Bigotry and Shows H.E.A.R.T.

(Humanity, Equality/Empathy, Acceptance, Respect, Tolerance)

Create Your Project

either on your own or with a group, then share your creation with us by sending

photos and a description to worksofheartproject@outlook.com & we will be happy to

share it on our website, Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. Have a video? Show us!

Also, tell us something about yourself & your creative process, as we may write a

feature story about you.

If you are social media savvy, we encourage you to share your creation, too!

(Just make sure it is appropriate for all ages) When you do, be sure to add the

hashtags #worksofheartproject and #showyourheart


You and your 'Works of HeART' could be featured in our film, too! 






















After you share your creation online, then what? 


1. Is it sell-able?  If so, you could donate the profits to an organization that educates or helps

victims of racism, bullying or discrimination. Or crisis lines that help prevent suicide.

We have listed a few agencies on our site  @ Help4U but feel free to choose the one

that resonates with you. 


2. You could give your creation away to someone who makes a difference in your community

or who needs encouragement.  


3. You can donate it to an organization that is hosting a silent auction fundraiser.


4. You could display it in your community where others can view it and be inspired. 

Community Initiative Ideas 

If you are an artist, consider organizing an art exhibition which incorporates any or all of our

themes: kindness, inclusion, tolerance, equality, diversity, acceptance, multiculturalism, etc...

If you are a musician, you could organize a concert that promotes any or all of our themes.


Or start a P.A.C.K. Group! ('Peaceful Acts of Creative Kindness')

Whatever you decide to do, let us know so we can share your story! Your example can

inspire others to pay it forward, too, and create a kinder, more inclusive world!

Do You Have a Story to Share?

We also want to hear your stories of hope & recovery to give others encouragement.

For instance, real-life examples of every day heroes making a difference by standing

up for others who have been marginalized. Your story could be featured on our website!

Light the Way For Others 

We are looking for stories about changed attitudes, changed hearts & changed lives.

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