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There are some fun & exciting things planned for 2020 which include 'Acts

of Random Kindness'. If you are someone with vision & heart & are interested

in making the world a better, kinder place, you are invited! Your input is valued, welcome & appreciated!

Brainstorming is fun, non-threatening and full of possibilities!

We are all busy. But if you can spare a couple of hours, come on out to our meeting, see what we're planning & if you might be able to contribute in some

way. Even if it's just once, or once in awhile.

Please bring $5 to help towards beverages, snacks & hall rental. Or you may

send it to (Any money left over will go directly into

our WOH account for future activities and expenses.)

(PS. You don't need to be 'artistic' to attend! You will see why!)


To reserve a seat, RSVP by January 30 either on our Facebook Event Page

or, if you are not on Facebook, let us know through our Contact Page here on

our website.


Message us through our contact page if you have questions.

I want to leave this world a little better than when I came into it. But I need your help. Who is with me? ♥ Micki - Project Founder

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