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Have you been troubled by the news these days, regarding the global anti-racism protests, the police brutality and killings? Do you think these alarming events could be propelling us forward, to stand united in solidarity at a turning point in history, to engage in effective actions to uproot racism in all its forms?

Educator, activist, author, and founder of a new initiative called C.A.R.E. (Citizen Action on Racism and Equality), Vivian Chu, has created an “Action Plan on Abolishing Racism from the Inside Out.” Vivian and Works of HeART Project Founder, Micki Findlay, have joined forces to bring this workshop to the public, in hopes of creating effective and sustainable ways to end the scourge of racial injustice and violence.

We might think that our island is exempt from this issue, but not so. The stories shared at the recent ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest held in Nanaimo, were numerous and heart-breaking.

Would you like to find out how you could be part of the solution? If so, this workshop is for you. It will include open discussion, idea sharing and creativity. If you would like to receive more information before coming, we can email you. Just ask!

Our workshop will be in Parksville and when you reserve your seat, we will message you with the address. Go to the workshop event page: and click on 'RESERVE A SPOT'.

Please let us know asap if you plan to attend as, due to the need for safe distancing, we can only accommodate up to 20 people. If we end up with more people than we can accommodate, we will plan for a second workshop in the near future.

Please be prepared to bring a pencil, felt pens, your own mug, a camping chair, sweater, and your enthusiasm. Your ideas and opinions are important, valued and welcome!

Refreshments will be provided.

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(FYI - Workshop facilitators' bios below)


Vivian Chu is a retired teacher, curriculum developer, and author. She has taught Grades 4-7 in BC, and English to immigrants and international students in Vancouver, Japan, and China. As an author, Vivian has published teacher development articles and two books. One of them, “Teaching Global Unity through Proverbs, Metaphors, and Storytelling” was presented at international teacher conferences in England, Hungary, and Colombia. Vivian grew up in four countries, traveled widely, and is passionate with cultivating intercultural understanding, appreciation of diversity, and taking action to help eradicate social injustices, especially racism and homelessness.

Vivian has recently founded C.A.R.E. (Citizen Action for Racial Equality) and wrote an “Action Plan on Abolishing Racism from the Inside Out,” which includes introspective activities and practical actions individuals can engage in, to truly uproot and abolish systemic racism from inside out, for all humanity.


Activist, author, musician and graphic artist, Micki Findlay, is the founder of the Works of HeART Project; ‘Inspiring Positive Change through Creative Expression’. This is a global initiative that challenges racism and bullying, while promoting kindness and inclusion, through peaceful activism and creative process.

Micki’s stories and commentaries are published in the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series, as well as EyesOnBC magazine. Her song writing includes one she wrote for W.O.H., which focuses on racism and bullying. It is entitled, “We Cannot Go Back”, and can be found on several online music platforms, as well as on the project’s website.

On a personal note, Micki has fought her way out of many years of depression. She hopes that by being authentic and sharing her personal story, others might find encouragement and hope beyond their own personal struggles.