Are You in Crisis?

Please do not suffer alone in silence. We highly recommend that you seek out advice and

support from people who are trained to help you in the way you need and deserve. If you

are a young person, seek help from an adult you trust. If they aren't listening, keep speaking

up until someone does. You deserve to be heard. Please don't give up!


We have compiled a list of various helping agencies who are available & equipped to help.  Please reach out.  We will continue to add to the list as we find more. 


Click Here to Find Help in Coping with Anxiety Regarding COVID-19

(There are also crisis lines & counseling agencies listed below. Do not struggle alone!)

What to do when you are being bulliedThe Canadian Safe School Network - Working together to make schools safer. Resources for students, teachers and parents.

WiredSafety provides help to victims of cyber abuse ranging from online fraud, cyberstalking and child safety, to hacking and malicious code attacks. They also educate parents with the skills required to prepare them to parent in the digital age. 

Befrienders Worldwide. Providing emotional support to prevent suicide worldwide. They listen to and help people without judging them.

Stand Strong - Nick Vujicic; a man with no arms or legs, offers encouragement, hope & strategies for developing a “bully defense system” so you can handle bullies of all kinds, by building your strength from the inside out.  Video

RCMP Website - Information of various kinds of bullying, the law, your rights and tips on what to do to combat bullying.

The Ultimate Parent Guide for Protecting Your Child on the Internet vpnMentor - For a lot of children, the online world is

more real than the real world. It is crucial to our children’s wellbeing that we understand what they see online, what is out

there, both good and bad, and how it impacts their physical and emotional wellbeing.


The Recovery Village Ridgefieldspecializes in treating substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. Located in Vancouver WA & Ridgefield WA. Their mission is to change lives, one person at a time. Their help extends to veterans, LGBTQ, teens, native Americans, seniors & more. Their website also provides a list of local resources. 1.877.312.1158


Beacon Buddies - Neighbours Helping Neighbours - a mid-Vancouver Island, BC, Canada volunteer-run community service that matches people currently in voluntary self-isolation/quarantine with a neighbour who can help out with occasional basic out-of-home errands.


Anxiety Canada - Resources to cope with stress and anxiety regarding COVID-19 and other issues. Help for adults, teens & children.


Digital Citizenship Guide for Parents - A resource to help children learn how to behave online, to respect others, and to know all about the benefits and dangers of this connected, digital world. Valuable info on teaching children how to respond to cyberbullying, unwanted attention (potential stalker or child molester), and other threats.

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