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Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Kate (Kathryn) Zaremba is a diverse and multi-talented artist who, among other things, specializes in wallpaper and set design. She is also a co-founder of The Lemon Collective, a workshop space for artists and entrepreneurs in Washington, DC, where the city’s creative and curious gather to teach and learn new skills. The Lemon Collective reaches out to their community and supports organizations that they believe in through their charitable initiative called Lemon + Aid.

Kate believes in supporting the rights of women and does so through her creative works and collaboration. The designs you see in this collage are ones Kate designed specifically for International Women’s Day.

I asked Kate why it was important to her to create multi-cultural art for the women's movement and what matters to her.

“I was raised thinking I was no different from anyone else, but of course I could see and feel a world of differences all around me. I thought that all of these differences were exactly what made our world so beautiful.

Over the past 15 years, and primarily in the last few where we've seen (or possibly have just been made more completely aware of) a resurgence of hate and violence surrounding race, cultural and religious differences, gender identities, and women's rights, my role as an artist and as a person has shifted tremendously.

I have always sought to make work that was playful and sophisticated, drawings and ideas that aim to bring a bit of light and sometimes humor into a room for its inhabitants.

It has been of greater importance to me, though recently, to make work that is more representative of community, diversity, and love in response to the heaviness I have felt from the insane police brutality, the mass murders, and constant assault on women's rights in America.

I do not see myself as a political artist. But as a person I know I can always do better. Better with my carbon footprint, better with my friendships, better with my work, better at speaking out against what is wrong. My husband and I have a saying that a good life is made up of small successes, achieving lots of tiny victories is so much better than spending all of your time struggling to reach the top of one mammoth size mountain.

I see my Women's March and paper cut work this way. These are just small size responses to what's happening in the world around me. My only hope for these pieces is that they might provide a moment of respite, optimism and lightness for a heavy heart.”


Kate grew up on theatre sets with a career as a child actress both in theatre and television. You may remember her as Lisa Leeper in Full House or Annie in the 1993 musical Annie Warbucks, to name a few. These experiences provided imaginary worlds for her to play, learn and discover. From New York to Los Angeles, museums, art galleries, and stage sets were her learning labs, inspiring her passion for visual arts.

Kate received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Art Studies from the Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri where she studied fiber, textile design, ceramics and art history. She was assistant to Jonathan Adler in NYC before attending graduate school at The Corcoran College of Art where she studied exhibition design.

When Kathryn isn’t drawing she is more than likely thinking about drawing. Her creative works can be seen at www.katezarembacompany.com

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