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Cathy Fletcher - Inspirational Pottery

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

I was so pleased to receive an email from Cathy Fletcher, a potter, who created a lovely, meaningful piece for our Works of HeART Project. Her pottery dish displays the words and symbols for Diversity, Kindness & Inclusion – all of which reflects exactly what Works of HeART is all about.

Cathy is a true humanitarian who has devoted most of her life to helping others; whether it be through counselling, advocacy, or working with seniors. Although she is now retired, she devotes much of her time to volunteering for the Green Party, as well as the Centre of Spiritual Living Victoria; both in many capacities. She also likes to contribute financially to organizations that help others, whenever possible.

I asked Cathy which human qualities matter to her the most and she replied, “Love, compassion, inclusion, diversity, kindness, forgiveness and generosity.” From what I know of Cathy, she is a living example of these qualities, and she hopes that her life might encourage others to embrace these values.

Cathy’s inspiration comes from many areas, including; Elizabeth May; Leader of the Green Party of Canada, the Centre for Spiritual Living, her parents, and authors/speakers like Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Brené Brown – all people she admires and who inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

I asked Cathy whether she has ever experienced injustice or exclusion. She admitted that she has been very lucky in that she has not experienced injustice very much in her life, and felt that her experiences are pretty minor in comparison to what others go through. But she shared how she was paid less than a man who did the same job and, even after asking to be equally paid, nothing changed. She didn’t stay long at that job. Good for you Cathy! Her advice to anyone who is a victim of injustice...

“Don’t take it personally and don’t believe there is anything wrong with you.”

She encourages people to stand up for themselves, to fight the injustice and, if it within her power to do so, she would try to provide them with the support and resources to do so.

“Cathy, do you believe creativity can play a part in inspiring others and changing attitude and lives?” I asked her. “Absolutely!” she replied. “So then what are some creative ways we can spread kindness, tolerance and inclusion - especially to those who might be different from us in some way?” Her answer...

“By being inclusive in what we create, and to celebrate diversity by doing things like the Works of HeART Project, and by creating things that communicate these values.”

Finally, I asked her if she had anything more she would like to add...

“Just that I appreciate what the Works of HeART Project is doing!”

Thank you Cathy for creating your important piece for our project. Our hope is that your contribution will inspire others to use whatever creative talents and skills they have to spread the message of kindness, tolerance and inclusion… three of the most important words in the English language. Thank you for sharing your own talent with us and for all that you do to make the world a better place.

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