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Works of HeART Show Artists

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

As many of you know, last December, The Works of HeART Project joined forces with the Nanaimo Arts Council to host an impactful, multimedia art exhibition called the ‘Works of HeART Show’.

The premise of this exhibit was based on Chief Dan George’s quote;“The heart never knows the colour of the skin.”

A tribute to ‘Universal Human Rights Month’, it celebrated equality, diversity and multiculturalism, through an eclectic blend of art, music and video.

In the spirit of inclusiveness, the public was invited to be part of the exhibit by painting a HeART on the gallery wall! They were also invited to vote for their favorite art pieces and, thereby, help the artists win prizes for their work.

It is our hope that these artists's 'Works of HeART' will inspire others to use their creative, artistic talents to create something that promotes inclusiveness, diversity and acceptance in a world that can often be divisive and intolerant towards various races, cultures and beliefs. We need less walls and more bridges. Less judgment and more understanding.

Here are the 'Works of HeART' pieces that were in the exhibition...

(To view art larger, go to our event page HERE

and click on the individual photos to magnify.)

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