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Bridging the Gap to Seniors

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Seniors Are Often Forgotten

By Glenna Mageau

Too often seniors get left behind. We often see old people as... well… old. We forget that they had full lives, worked hard and we forget the wisdom, knowledge and experience this group of individuals have. As their adult children we tend to just see them as mom or dad or grandma or grandpa. If we don't have much of a relationship before they get old, often that relationship can go downhill. Seniors often feel alone, lonely, forgotten, like they haven't mattered.

When we reach old age we should know that we are loved, feel connected, be happy and know that our lives mattered. Too often seniors don't feel like that, especially women. My goal is to help bridge that gap between adult children and their parents. To help them reconnect and to discover their Mom's journey. To really understand who she was, who she is… she is so much more than Mom and all the roles that we see her as – nurturer, caregiver, nurse, teacher, discipliner, peace keeper, mediator, playmate, person who nagged us to do homework, confidant, encyclopedia… She had hopes and dreams, do you know what they were?

I got a chance to really discover who my Mom was before she passed away and I am forever grateful for that. It not only helped her to feel more content with life, it totally changed my life in a very positive way, I finally stepped into my dream. It's so important to help our seniors to understand that their lives mattered. As their children we really have to stop looking at them from today or when we were a child, but to start realizing they grew up in a very different time. Your Mom grew up in a time when women were expected to look after everyone, to get married, have kids and to look after everyone else's needs. She was expected to get it right… the first time. She worked very hard trying to play by the rules and to manage everything. Life was a lot harder then and there was a lot more work just meeting the day to day needs.

The seniors in our lives will feel more connected and valued if we take the time to get to know them and give them some time to tell us their journey. They truly have amazing stories; help them to value the lives they have lived. Make sure you have 'The Talk' with Your Mom today.


Glenna Mageau is a multi-award winning author, speaker and coach. She writes page-turning suspense/thrillers and she writes heart connecting nonfiction. She started her career as a Recreation Therapist and Supervisor in a Nursing Home. She then went on to become Program Manager and then Program Director along with being a Behavioural Specialist for a Not for Profit Organization

Her passion is to empower and inspire women to overcome the hurdles holding them back and for them to discover and explore their gifts and talents. Her goal is to help women thrive going into old age—knowing they matter, feel loved, connected and living in the true essence of who they are.

Glenna's latest book—Do You Know Your Mom's Story? 365 Questions You Need to Ask Her. —is a way to get conversations started between mom and child

To learn more: www.glennamageau.com

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