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Giving Comfort with 'Cuddle Dolls'

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Years ago, I read an article about a group of senior citizens in a local town who made cuddle dolls for their police department to hand out to children needing comfort in stressful situations. I had an hour or so work commute by train from Maryland into Washington, D.C. I decided to use that time to create my own cuddle dolls.

So, I went to the craft store and purchased felt squares, non-toxic fabric paint, twisted cotton DMC thread in all colors, and poly fiber filling. I then created a gingerbread shaped pattern approximately 8” x 5”, cut them out, painted faces on them and stitched them up around the outside of the dolls using a close together ladder stitch.

I spent some evenings at home cutting out the dolls and painting them, then did the sewing and fiber filling while on the train. I used all colors of felt, except pink, so the dolls could go to either a boy or a girl. I created hundreds of them and delivered them to a local Sheriff’s office. They were thrilled to receive them.

Quite often, law enforcement officers must go to homes where adults are arguing, thus creating a frightening environment for any young children who might be in the home. The Deputies were able to hand out cuddle dolls to bring comfort to scared children.

I highly recommend doing this for your local law enforcement. Best to contact them first to see if they could accept such a gift. Then maybe put together a craft group and support your local Police!

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