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Free Mom Hugs

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Free Mom Hugs at Nanaimo Pride Parade 2019

My heart is full. I had an incredibly fun, happy time at my first Pride parade today, giving out 'Free Mom Hugs'. I couldn't believe how many people asked for one... men, women, teens, children alike. Some even had tears in their eyes. One lady broke down and told me how she had been ostracized by her parents when she 'came out', and when she saw my sign and watched what was happening, it moved her to tears.

I had said a little prayer on the way to the parade...

"God, please work through me today - help me put myself aside today and just use me as your vessel to reach the people who truly need to know they are loved."

And I prayed something else...

"I am okay to do this on my own, but if you wouldn't mind, send some other moms to help me."

And guess what? (This is unbelievable) As I am standing there with my "Free Mom Hugs" sign on Commercial Street, I see three women come up to me and join me and, guess what their t-shirts said? Yup... "FREE MOM HUGS!!!" Of all the places they could have been that day, (and there were a TON of people lined up and down Commercial and Front Street), and they just HAPPENED to come to the spot where I was!! And it was perfect because I didn't have a t-shirt and they didn't have a sign!

After the parade, I went into a coffee shop and a cook there wanted a hug because he hadn't seen his mom for over a year. I am so glad I did this today. Next year, the other moms and I will organize something so we have a whole bunch of moms out there giving out some love!

I was VERY happy to see the United and Anglican churches represented at the parade, too. That did my heart good. Yay!!

Everyone on this earth needs to know they are loved and accepted. But many are ostracized and bullied when they ‘come out’. Many young people have even taken their own lives. It takes courage to be your authentic self. The ‘Free Mom Hugs’ movement is a wonderful way to let them know that someone cares and is on their side.

We need more love in the world. Less judgement. And, definitely, MORE HUGS! My hope is that this movement spreads all over the world. What a wonderful idea. I would be amiss if I didn't include the link to the original 'Free Mom Hugs' movement and website: www.freemomhugs.org

Check them out, be inspired and see how you can help to spread more love!

Want to see how this movement started and why? It is a powerful story.

Click on this link to a video on Facebook.


And so the love keeps spreading! Janet Glover from Regina, Saskatchewan, saw our 'Free Mom Hugs' photo and it inspired her to do the same thing in her own city's pride parade! Thank you Janet for making a difference in your community! 🏳️‍🌈🥰🤝

Sharing 'Free Mom Hugs' at the Pride Parade in Regina, Saskatchewan. Our world need more of this.

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