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Hope Beyond Bullying

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Emily Godfrey - An Inspiring Young Woman and Advocate for Youth

When I was six years old, a hearing assessment which was implemented at school, defined my hearing situation as “moderate hearing loss”, which compelled me to require hearing aids in order to comprehend the teachers. As a result, I was brutally victimized by my peers for wearing hearing aids, which completely defaced my confidence in myself at such a young age. During elementary school and middle school, my anxiety prompted me to hide in bathroom stalls at lunchtime and eat alone because I was so afraid of people. I experienced extreme difficulty making friends.

By grade ten, I was still reeling from the negative social experiences I’d encountered for so long, but I decided to take a stand and push myself out of my comfort zone. I made efforts to make connections and strengthen my relationships with my family, teachers and peers. I started raising my hand in class and participating in group discussions. I began volunteering through school-based clubs, and for organizations such as Rotary to help the less fortunate in the community.

Since the days of withdrawing socially as a result of bullying, I feel that I have become an entirely changed woman. I now aspire to live by example and be a role model for others through volunteerism, by tutoring younger students, striving for excellent grades, training people at work, entering math and writing competitions and, my proudest accomplishment; establishing an Interact Club at my high school while serving as its president.

As I embark on my journey as an aspiring pediatric surgeon, I take great fondness to the notion that my work and efforts will be valuable in the lives of children. I consider myself to be an advocate for young people, and that passion is something I would like to manifest in my professional career.

I recognize that I am fortunate to have been able to rise above the suffering I’ve endured through bullying, but not everyone has the same story I do. Not every bullying victim has the opportunity to escape, nor the motivation to break free.

Emily Godfrey

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Emily created an inspirational video about bullying, for which she won an award...

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