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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

In difficult, trying times like these, it is easy to lose heart. But it is also when we see community-minded people stepping up to the plate to show their hearts. Their example is inspiring and their mission is to encourage and connect us all, which is something our world needs right now.

Isabelle Durand, a retired French immersion elementary school teacher, and a Works of HeART Project supporter, started a Gratitude Hearts Campaign on Facebook. She wanted to create a craft/art project for children who are stuck at home. But then the idea grew... why not make a digital 'Gratitude Quilt' for all the front line workers who are taking risks to save lives, or who have to work to keep our society functioning and, in doing so, are putting their lives at risk as well.

Her instructions are simple, effective and anyone can participate - whether you are a child or an adult. Check out her video for her easy-to-follow instructions on Facebook and join in! Send your creations to her by March 31st.

HeART Painting Example by Theresa Martin

Once all the pictures have been collected, all the Gratitude Hearts will be combined to make a digital 'quilt', demonstrating how we are all connected and how important for hearts, all over the world, to be unified. If you don't have felt pens, you can use watercolour paints or improvise - use pastels or what-have-you. Just make sure your picture10 x10 cm square. You can get the whole family involved in this project which can help create important bonding moments and memories, while offering a healthy, creative diversion and focus.

If you are unsure how to get involved, or you are not on Facebook, contact us and we will be happy to help. Update: See the end of this article for a slideshow of all the finished hearts...

There is another woman in Nanaimo, BC, Canada, who started a 'Hearts in the Window' campaign. Natasha James created a Facebook group to get people to place hearts in their windows to show solidarity in this time of self-isolation and social distancing, as well as to show gratitude to all the frontline workers. This movement has reached people around the globe and continues to grow! Again, anyone can get involved in this! Here are two photos of window hearts created by Adrienne Bouchard Langlois - a local artist who created the amazing 'Tree of Life' for our Works of HeART Show .

HeARTs created by Adrienne Bouchard Langlois

HeARTs created by Adrienne Bouchard Langlois

Finally, we at Works of HeART Project are also encouraging people to create a HeART and share it with the world! Draw it, paint it, sculpt it, sew it, knit it, bead it, photograph it... make it out of ANYTHING! Or make it with actual people! (As long as you honour social distancing, of course.) ​ Take a picture of your HeART or create a short video. Once you have created your HeART, post it on social media and add the hashtags: #showyourheart and #worksofheartproject so we can find it. You can also go to our Facebook page and post your heart in the comment section of our 'Show Your HeART' post.

(Not sure what to do? Feel free to message us either here through our contact page, or message us through Facebook)

We will share your HeART on social media and our website. Your HeART could also be featured on a Works of HeART inspirational poster. (We have a few heart photos already on our FB page and here on our website. Check them out. More to come!)

Kindess Rock created by Brenda Gilchrist-Sword

Poem by Dan Fraser. HeARTS by Adrienne Bouchard Langlois

So there are several ways to 'Show Your HeART' with others all over the world. If ever there was a time to reach out to one another and find ways to connect creatively and compassionately, it is now.

Please remember, you are not alone. We are all in this together. We are one race - the human race and all part of one, big family. We will get through this... together. God bless you all.

Micki Findlay - Works of HeART Project Founder

Gratitude Heart Project - Slideshow

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