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Patrick Is No Quitter

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Patrick Aleck is a true inspiration. He has not had an easy life. He has faced numerous challenges which include living with cerebral palsy, being bullied as a child, and experiencing the inter-generational effects of residential school abuses. But Patrick is no quitter and he no longer views his struggles and disability as a curse, but rather, an opportunity. His voice has emerged as one of a new generation of young Indigenous leaders. He has also risen above addiction and alcoholism, giving hope to others. Patrick is now a motivational speaker who inspires people of all ages, races, and from all walks of life, to believe in themselves and recognize their worth. He was honoured at the 2012 Gathering Our Voices aboriginal youth conference as a community champion.

Micki Findlay, (Works of HeART Project Founder) had the honour and privilege of meeting this remarkable young man at a drumming circle he led at the Nanaimo Art Gallery, of which she attended. Patrick left a profound and lasting impression on her.

"The minute he opened his mouth to speak, tears began to roll down my face and never stopped the entire evening. I knew I was supposed to be there that night."

Patrick has agreed to collaborate with Works of HeART Project in the near future. Micki goes on to say,

"I realized that after meeting Patrick, my life would never be the same. For that matter, I will never be the same. His soul is pure love and kindness. He is authentic, funny and inspiring in every way possible. Thank you Patrick for being a bright light on this earth, and for being the embodiment of what our project is about."

Watch this video about Patrick Aleck...

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