If ever there was a time to #ShowYourHeart, it is now!

Create a HeART and share it with the world!

Draw it, paint it, sculpt it, sew it, knit it, bead it, photograph it... make it out of ANYTHING!  Or make it with actual people!

(Just remember to practice social distancing.) 

Take a picture (or video) of your HeART.  


Once you have created your HeART, share it on our FACEBOOK EVENT.

Not on Facebook? Email your HeART photo to worksofheartproject@outlook.com

with your name and where you live.

We will share your HeART here on our website (see slideshow above) and other

social media platforms.  You can, too! 

Whenever you share it, be sure to include the following hashtags so we can find it: 



You can also connect with us on


Your HeART could also be featured on a Works of HeART inspirational poster

After you have posted your creation on social media, you can choose to either give or share your HeART with someone who needs encouragement.  You can send a photo of your HeART to someone with a kind, encouraging message.  It could make all the difference.  Life is tough. Everyone needs encouragement from time to time. Spread the love!  Make someone's day!

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