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Create a HeART and share it with the world!

Draw it, paint it, sculpt it, sew it, knit it, bead it, photograph it... make it out of ANYTHING!  Or make it with actual people

Create a short video or take a picture of your HeART.

(Please make sure your video isn't shakey or your photo isn't blurry.)  


Once you have created your HeART, let us know! 

We will share your HeART on our Facebook page, our website (see below)

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After you have posted your creation on social media, you can choose to either give or share your HeART with someone who needs encouragement.  You can send a photo of your HeART to someone with a kind, encouraging message.  It could make all the difference.  Life is tough. Everyone needs encouragement from time to time. Spread the love!  Make someone's day!

Our first HeART for our #ShowYourHeART campaign! Thank you to my friend, Monica Duncan, for your lovely, handmade card with the wonderful quote by Chief Dan George, "The heart never knows the colour of the skin."

My friend, Shannon Dillon, sent me a photo of this delightful card by the artist 'Flavia Weedn', to add to our #ShowYourHeART campaign collection. Thank you, Shannon.


I decided to read up on Flavia. For more then 50 years, her work has continued to be her passion. She believes that art is communication—a way of sharing who we are and what we feel. She also believes that in this life there are no endings, only beginnings; that our lives are journeys and that we grow from our experience on these journeys. She believes we discover through every heartache how to love more and love better, and that life has hidden gifts in its hands—the greatest of which is love. www.flaviastore.artehouse.com

Here is a photo of the beautiful HeART gift I received for my 60th birthday from two dear friends. How perfect is this? A heart and music combined with the ever important message of friendship. 

These beautiful photos were taken by Lisa Rickwood. Lisa lives in Nanaimo, BC and is an artist, author, coach and adventurer helping others relax, calm down and 'escape the pace'... www.escapethepace.com Thank you Lisa for sharing your beautiful photos for our #ShowYourHeart event.

Sabine Ford contributed these photos of HeARTs she created by hand.  Art has always been a big part of her life. She works with a variety of mediums - wood, fibre, paper, cement, wire, and paint - to create whimsical home and garden decor. You can find her at several Vancouver Island markets.  Facebook: @sabinefordcrafts. Photography: @thefordographer

Thank you Sabine for sharing your beautiful photos for our #ShowYourHeart event.

"Love Has Many Forms"  Thank you Jane Graves for your artistic contribution to our #ShowYourHeart event.


Thank you Lisa Clason for your beautiful, artistic contribution to our #ShowYourHeart event.


Thank you Lee Sauer for your lovely, natural, heart contribution to our #ShowYourHeart event. Lee added this quote: 

"Nature is always showing her heart, are you?"  I would say that, in this instance, it's okay to have a heart of stone! 


Thank you Lee Sauer for your beautiful poem and artwork contribution to our #ShowYourHeart event.